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The love of fast riding and motorcycles often leads riders to unpleasant situations on the road. I’m talking about motorcycle accidents that happen all over the country. Yes, it’s worth it because motorists are often involved in accidents, but the risk of injury, and sometimes fatal wounds, is much higher for motorcyclists.

If we look at the statistics offered to us by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, we see that motorcycle accidents result in an average of 5,000 deaths per year and approximately 80,000 injuries.

Of course, many of these accidents are caused by other drivers who are distracted from the road or are not too careful to notice a motorcyclist riding in the oncoming lane or overtaking. As a result, we have a motorcycle accident, many injuries, and property damage.

What to do if you are involved in an accident with a motorcyclist

The first thing you need to do is calm down and pull yourself together. Do not panic, and remember not to run away from the accident scene and drink alcohol.

To protect yourself legally, you need to record the crucial moments of the accident, write down the data of witnesses, take pictures of damage and injuries. Let’s break down in order what you need to do.

Don’t panic. Check yourself for injuries.

Examine yourself and determine if there are any visible injuries, bleeding, or fractures. Remember that the adrenaline released into the bloodstream can make you less sensitive to pain, and there may be no apparent injuries that you have sustained. Be sure to get checked out by a medical emergency room.

Make sure that you are safe.

Get off the road if there is heavy vehicle traffic nearby. Call 911 yourself or ask passersby to do so. Don’t go far from the scene of the accident.

Gather evidence from the accident

Take photographs of the accident scene. Take pictures of your motorcycle’s damage and the other person involved in the accident sustained. If you have injuries or bleeding, take photos of them as well. Keep your equipment, helmet, gloves, jacket, pants, motorcycle boots.

Look around and identify witnesses who saw the moment of the accident, write down their names and phone number so that in the future, you would have the opportunity to contact them or to pass data to a lawyer.

If the police came to the accident scene, request a copy of the accident scene inspection report.

Exchange information with the other driver

Basic information should be exchanged:

  • Name, Last Name
  • Contact phone number
  • Insurance information
  • Driver’s license

Please do not give any more information to the co-driver or their attorney, and it could not be suitable for further investigation of the case.

Collect as many records as possible

Be sure to record the losses you incurred due to the accident. When treated in the hospital, collect bills, reports, doctors’ prescriptions, and receipts. Also, when repairing a motorcycle, get a receipt and a list of the work done.
Also, keep records from work that record the loss of some portion of your wages and your ability to be present at work.
In the end, you can make notes about the moral and material damages you suffered overall and how the motorcycle accident has affected your daily life.

Don’t talk to the lawyer or insurance agent of the other party to the accident.

The other party is interested in getting information or at least some data that can help them win an insurance or lawsuit. You should not comment on what happened or what you are doing now.

List of Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Houston

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Stephens Law Firm Accident Lawyers9039 Katy Fwy Suite 209, Houston5 stars on Google / 82 reviews
Zehl & Associates Injury & Accident Lawyers2700 Post Oak Blvd #1000, Houston5 stars on Google / 192 reviews
Amaro Law Firm2500 E T C Jester Blvd Suite 525, Houston5 stars on Google / 1504 reviews
Joel A. Gordon & Associates – Accident Lawyer6666 Harwin Dr. #220, Houston5 stars on Google / 50 reviews
Stewart J. Guss, Injury Accident Lawyers1415 N Loop W #660B, Houston5 stars on Google / 61 reviews
Attorney Tom5909 W Loop S Suite 525, Bellaire5 stars on Google / 100 reviews
Payne Law Firm2900 Smith St Suite 200, Houston5 stars on Google / 28 reviews
Gibson Hill Personal Injury636 Hawthorne St, Houston4.9 stars on Google / 91 reviews
The Law Offices of Hilda Sibrian | Las Oficinas Legales de Hilda Sibrian846 North Loop, Houston4.9 stars on Google / 960 reviews
Herrman & Herrman P.L.L.C. – Personal Injury Lawyer11000 Richmond Ave Suite 180, Houston5 stars on Google / 69 reviews

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