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Using a motorcycle for commuting in the city, motorcyclists face hazards on the road almost every day. Many motorcycle accidents can be dangerous not only for the driver but also for passersby, who may be injured due to the uncontrolled movement of the motorcycle.

TOP-3 List of Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Michigan

Michigan Auto Law – Auto Accident Attorneys Phone: +16162594498

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Moss & Colella PC Phone: +12489701802

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Other Lawyers of Motorcycle Accident in Michigan

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Let’s look at the most common motorcycle accidents highlighted by studying statistics.

  • Motorcyclist collisions with an open car door. In some cases, such as in a long traffic jam, car drivers may open the door to get out and look at the situation. If a motorcycle rides in between lanes at that time, it will crash into the open door.
  • Collisions with a vehicle that is reversing. Motorists backing out of a parking space may not see the motorcycle driver moving through the parking lot. As a consequence of this movement, the car driver may hit the motorcyclist.
  • Head-on collision of a motorcyclist with an oncoming vehicle. A head-on collision can occur when a driver is distracted, recognized as the most dangerous type of accident.
  • They are ignoring the passing advantage. If a driver ignores an advantage sign at an intersection, they may not be able to pass a motorcyclist with the benefit of passing.
  • Inadequate road, pavement defects, potholes. Lack of good lighting, and warning signs about the lousy road ahead, can lead to falls and more serious motorcycle accidents.

This is not a complete list of possible causes of motorcycle accidents, but we have tried to display the most common options. It is worth remembering that motorcycles are highly dangerous and you need to constantly monitor your actions on the road.

When you need a good lawyer, focus on five criteria: 

  • specialization
  • depth of knowledge
  • effectiveness
  • efficiency
  • cultural fit

Specialization and Depth of Knowledge

One lawyer can’t be an expert in everything. Attorneys are more narrowly specialized when doing complex tasks than you might think.

In addition to practicing in different areas (mergers, acquisitions, taxes, construction, real estate, business law, etc.), each room has a narrower specialization. For example, they specialize in negotiating contracts, disputes in court, and directing transactions with public or private companies.

Questions about the type of knowledge and depth of knowledge overlap. In answering them, you should think about whether you want to deal with the same lawyer all the time or whether you would prefer different lawyers for narrow issues.

In other words, would you prefer to work with a lawyer who could be an expert in your business, with skills useful for different issues of your business? Or would you rather deal with another dedicated expert who doesn’t know your business but is a vital specialist in a narrow topic? There are pros and cons to this.

By working, lawyers advance their careers in two ways:

  • Develop in-depth knowledge of a narrow range of issues;
  • Gain experience in a broad area of expertise.

A company’s core lawyer usually falls into the second category, whether working in-house or at a law firm as a generalist commercial lawyer. They typically have a shallow knowledge of many areas, with a significant understanding of the business industry in which they work.

The broad scope of knowledge allows the general counsel to provide guidance in many areas and ensure that their client sets the right goals by contacting narrow specialization lawyers. The general counsel sometimes works with subspecialty lawyers with extensive experience in particular issues.

Thus: if you are looking for a lawyer to work motorcycle accident, it is usually best to start with a lawyer with general skills in your industry.


They are aiming to bring value. Lawyers are trained to look for risks regardless of their significance or remoteness and then throw everything they can at defending against them.

Sometimes that’s a good thing, but over time clients prefer to work with attorneys who

  • don’t classify all risks as dangerous and will help convert some chances into opportunities;
  • instead of dealing with any rudimentary threats, it will help identify what matters.

The ability to give this level of advice comes only with experience, usually at least ten years of practice.

Such attorneys tend to be flexible, practical, and creative thinkers, able to find solutions to almost any problem. This is the kind of lawyer most people like to work with.


Finding a good lawyer is not easy; finding a good lawyer who can get the job done in the required time frame is even more challenging.

There are two ways to solve this problem.

The first is to use the services of a large law firm with more than 100 lawyers.
The significant advantage of working with a large firm is usually the ability to allocate substantial resources of people at any given time to complete the work within the required time frame.

The obvious disadvantage of this service is the high cost, which covers maintaining a large team of lawyers.
In addition, the level of service to a small client at a large law firm is usually not the same as the level of service to a large client who continually offers the law firm multi-million dollar orders.

The alternative for a small firm is to develop a relationship with a small firm or individual lawyer. Later on, you can bring in a senior lawyer when you need one.

While small law firms won’t have the same physical capabilities as large firms, the level of service of a small firm is higher – in the sense that they are more individualized, and you will have more direct contact with senior lawyers. They will also probably be able to meet your deadline. For these reasons, smaller organizations prefer to deal with smaller law firms.

Cultural Compliance

It’s relevant to cultural understanding to share similar values. There are some fantastic professionals out there, but you have a hard time dealing with them on an interpersonal level. Relationships ultimately depend on mutual trust.

Cultural fit is hard to assess. Sometimes online information can help, but you’re unlikely to get a true sense of fit until you meet face to face, and perhaps not until after you start working with each other.

Separately, about cost.

Good lawyers are not cheap. Working with small law firms will probably be more affordable than with large firms. Working with firms in the Capital is usually more expensive than bringing in lawyers from the regions.

Price is an open question. If the value you get from your lawyer is less than their cost, your relationship is doomed. At the same time, you often hear when not cheap, but quality services are worth every penny paid for them.

Why an auto accident lawyer and not a regular lawyer?

Since this branch of the law is characterized by frequent changes and many participants, including insurance companies, and the state bodies responsible for road traffic safety, you need a professional lawyer of the accident, knowing all the nuances of such cases.

How to Find The Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Michigan?

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Should i Get a Lawyer for Motorcycle Accident

In most cases, a lawyer is needed. See a list of the best lawyers on our website.

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